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Our Boudoir Photographer

So that was the WHY I do what I do, let’s go ahead and get even a little bit more personal here. I’m going to be honest and upfront with you right away, so I don’t waste your time. It’s so important that you find the right boudoir photographer for your needs. I’m not the best fit for everyone, but for the clients I work with, we are a perfect match!

I’m not perfect but I am who I am and do the best job at being this simple human I have become. I’m silly, I like to babble a lot, even sometimes talk to myself. I will sing to my clients even when my voice doesn’t carry the best tune. And YES, dancing is a must!

I LOVE Crazy Socks! The more extreme, the better. If you walk into my studio, you will be greeted at some point with me in a pair of these wonders.

I have horrific RBF syndrome and will always let my clients know ahead of time that it’s just my thinking (CREATING THAT MASTERPIECE IN MY HEAD) but if I get excited with an image or idea, another weird thing happens where I chuckle crazily in happiness.

Here is who I invest my time in:

    • The busy working woman who spends most of her time taking care of others and needs a break from it all to focus on her.
    • The woman who wants a luxurious album and gorgeous printed photographs because she knows of the investment, she is making in herself and wants quality memorabilia.
    • The woman who is ready to slow down for a day, to be pampered, to relax and get their hair/makeup done, and celebrate the beautiful person they are.
    • The woman who is ready to feel a boost of confidence, empowered, strong, beautiful, feminine, and desirable, all done tastefully. Shamelessly!
    • My sessions are also pretty fricken fun because I don’t like boring things. So, you should also like laughing, singing, dancing, and letting your hair down. Possibly even be ready for a good hair flip!

I’m not going to be the right boudoir photographer for just anyone who wants a quick shoot and some digital images. My sessions are all-inclusive, full day boudoir experiences and I don’t discount my services to remove any part of the process, such as hair and makeup styling. It’s all part of the experience, and my clients love that. So, if you’re ready to spend a day relearning to love and appreciate you or just celebrate your already confidence and bring home an elegant keepsake from your empowering experience, let’s make some sparkling fun happen!

I would love to be Your Photographer!


Now that you know a little about my business lets discuss why I do what I do.
I want to start off by saying You are absolutely Gorgeous!

I know the struggle in believing this statement to be true, mostly when it comes from those that see our beauty every day. Why? Because we are our own worst critics. We choose to define ourselves by our flaws and compare ourselves with all those around us when the truth is right before us. The truth is, we are ALL beautiful, every single one of us.

Why Boudoir? Because I am just as much rewarded as my clients are. Over the last 7 years working with boudoir photography, I found a connection like no other. Having a client come to me allowing themselves to invest in their personal feelings and setting aside all their insecurities then leaving my studio skipping with a new look upon life and happiness that they found within themselves, makes me feel as though I achieved what I set out forth to do. The happiness that I see on my client’s face means the world to me. I feel I am giving as much as I am receiving and the main reason, I love my job so much.

I believe Everyone is Beautiful and want to help those to see this beauty within themselves that are unable to do so. I want to inspire you to be completely Fearless of loving you.

My passion for Boudoir comes from the reward of seeing both, the confident and the non-believer finding a self-love like never before. It is my goal in life to inspire all to see their own self worth and to love themselves so fierce that nothing will ever have them thinking less of themselves ever again. You see my dear, Boudoir is so much more than an item of clothing. Putting on some lingerie doesn’t make you beautiful It’s YOU that makes any item of clothing you put on beautiful. It’s my job to show you how absolutely beautiful you are regardless of your outfit.

So, whether you are the fully confident or you’re the not so sure non-believer, I want to inspire you to be completely Fearless of loving you. I have no doubts that before you leave my studio you will fall in love with yourself shamelessly and having a confidence level so high that nothing will tear it down.

This is a celebration day for you and You deserve celebrating YOU!

About the

The Bettie
(Red Room)

The Victoria (Victorian Room)

The Bonnie (Garage Room)

The Marilyn (Main Room)

Fearless By CAPEMO is a cozy little luxury boutique studio that empowers individuals to unleash their superhero within themselves and embodies confidence giving those the ability to break themselves from their insecurities while igniting their inner flame from the depths of their soul. A boudoir photography session with Fearless often inspires new journeys, creativity and unlocks potential that was cloaked in self-doubt. There is nothing more satisfying to us than watching someone find their true self and the freedom that comes with it.

We inspire individuals to step out of their comfort zone. Our photography showcases human nature, raw beauty and the thirst to break traditional binds. We build the character, strength and confidence needed to take on any challenge facing us. We offer Boudoir Photo Sessions for all ages ranging from 21 and up, our most mature beauty being 79 young and very proud. A huge applause for that! Confidence is empowering and age is just a number. So, when you start thinking your age will hold you back from being able to enjoy loving yourself, think again. Be proud of who you are and Love the skin you’re in.

It’s time to take time for YOU!

We want you to enjoy your day to the fullest and our goal is to do exactly that with the results of leaving you feeling relaxed,
pampered and spoiled to no end and most important, seeing how beautiful you are in the Now.

Meet our Make-Up Team

There is something special about our team. I greatly can not brag about them enough and you will see this if you have been anywhere in our social media areas. For those clients that allow me to share, I love showing the design work these ladies put out. This group of amazing individuals stand by my side to give you the highest quality of work they can achieve. With that being said;

When it comes to designing your boudoir make-up and hair, our team has you and your ideas in mind. You oversee your day, and anything goes. We will do everything in our power of creativity to expedite anything you bring to us to help create that special look you are achieving.

Let me explain the make-up process just a little more clearly. During your booking, we will go over some ideas and take notes of course, but then we will also follow up with a questionnaire form to help pull everything together. You will be asked to take some screenshots or if you choose, a Pinterest board with boudoir make-up and hair ideas. It can be absolutely anything.  Anything from the natural everyday beauty all the way to slap my face with the rainbow and color me gorgeous. When I say anything, we are most likely able to achieve.

Many of our clients do not or some have never even wore make-up. This is absolutely fine as well. You may have no idea what you are wanting or even think looks good for you. That’s where your artist will assure the look for you and help create the perfect look you feel looks good on you.  I will say it again, YOU are in charge of your day, and we will not let you up from that chair until you are 100% satisfied with your look.

Our Full Day Boudoir Experiences All come with Professional make-up and hair design. Whether you are female or male, one of these artists will be in the studio ready to perform their masterpiece for the day. In some cases, because we all love a good challenge, and again if you choose, you can even add a second or third look to your day.

We strongly believe make-up and hair design help get our clients not only ready for their session but helps relax and puts them in a more comfortable calming prior to session.  It’s the perfect Zen you need to unwind all those visions in your head of what you ever heard a boudoir session was all about.  (We will explain that in another section here on our site) 

Our goal is not to change you at all. (Unless you are really wanting to transform outside the box, then we are all ready for those looks because we do not get to do them every day as much as we would like) But we are simply enhancing your beauty. We see your gorgeousness already reflecting. You will not feel as though you are plastered with make-up. In fact, you may not even realize you have much on at all. The ONLY thing you may need adjusting to is false eyelashes. Yes!! We love those eye lashes! They may feel like little butterflies floating on your eyelids for a minute but get used to them quite easily.  They help pop those eyes for photos in the loveliest way. (You do not have to wear them, though are offered as the finishing touch to each design and are completely included) What we mainly do is work with highlighting your beautiful assets and contour your features, giving you a look that is already yourself. It’s completely you!  Just a little more sparkly and jazzier than you were before you sat down in our chair. That’s basically it unless you’re wanting to be fully transformed and molded into one of our creations of imagination wonderfulness.

Most of our lovely clients are the smokey eye look. We are very use to this look because its sultry and a go to that many admire. Everyone seems to love the bedroom eye.  Our client’s second most favorite is the natural with a touch of smoke. Then there is pin-up. Yep. That pretty much is on top with the other two mentions. We see a lot of pin-up beauties here at the studio, if not for the main look, it usually falls into a second look for the client’s visit for the day.

So, know you’re in good hands. Know we will have your back. And know regardless of who is assigned to you for the day, they are specially chosen to be part of this amazing team here to help expedite your special day to create the most perfect look just for YOU.



I’ve been in the beauty industry for a while, but there’s something special Fearless by CAPEMO. I love Fearless by CAPEMO because we are powerful. It’s all about lifting each other up and to encourage one another to be truly who we are.

Makeup isn’t meant to cover you up, but rather express your personality and who you are!

I love seeing the reaction and smiles on our ladies’ faces when they see their beauty. Being able to express my art while simultaneously creating relationships with women makes my heart smile!



I’ve been working as a makeup artist for over 10 years. I had the pleasure of working along side D’Angelo Thompson, celebrity makeup artist! Along with being a single mother of 5, makeup gives me my outlet to help others to become confident and fearless. It allows me to help enhance others beauty. To see someone when they first sit in my chair to when they leave it, seeing how fearless they have become lets me know I have done my part to bringing confidence back into their life.



I’ve always had a vision of what I wanted to look like. From cystic acne to glowy smooth skin. From no makeup skills to creating whatever makeup look I want! As an esthetician and makeup artist the past 8 years, helping my clients create the best version of themselves is what brings me the most joy.

When you look good, you feel good. That’s something I’ve witnessed and felt myself countless times. I love helping women feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. That’s why I love working with Fearless by CAPEMO. Confidence, joy, and of course fearlessness is always at the front of our minds when creating beautiful images of our clients.



My name is Dani and I’m originally from Connecticut. I moved to Brevard when I was 18 with my family and it has been a life changer.

I’ve always been passionate about makeup since I was in school, and it wasn’t until recently I started to purse it as more than just a hobby. I’ve done event as small as just a selfie party, all the way up to a 9-party bridesmaid team for a wedding!

I’m so grateful for all the support I have always around me, and it’s truly made me fearless in chasing my dreams.





Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a little bit of everything. Here at Fearless by CAPEMO Photography, I’m known as the Shabari and Body Painting Artist. I joined the fearless team to help show the beauty that so many of us hide. I love being a part of the self-discovery.

Shabari is more than just bondage, it can be a release of stress and anxiety (like a hug). The thought of being bound can be frightening… but that’s why they call us Fearless!



“Hi, my name is Norelys. I grew up in Brevard but originally from Puerto Rico. The best thing about my job is the people and making them feel good about themselves. My passion for makeup and beauty has been with me my whole life. I’m very pleased to grow as a makeup artist and be a part of this amazing team of Fearless by CAPEMO. Everyone has a unique beauty and getting to help bring that unique beauty out, gives me so much joy.”

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