The Bonnie (Garage Room)

The Bonnie (Garage Room)

Yes, that is correct, we have a garage room! It’s the real deal and perfect for many looks, especially our Pin ups Photography. This grungy, metal wall room is small but has a lot to offer.

The smell of dirt and old gas residue lingers in here for an authentic feel as everything came straight from the source. Old tires, car parts, an industrial fan and even an old broken-down motorcycle ready for you to help repair. Grab your tools and tool belt and get ready to play here, you’re going to be completely revved up because there are so many things you can do.

This garage room is probably second to all favorites when visiting our luxury boudoir photography studio. We see this room added so often to a session because most of our ladies know what their significant others like and that is usually cars, bikes, and tool stuff, right? Well, for many, not all. Even those that do not spend time in a garage vision the old Pin-Up style and make their way in here just because it has that perfect add-on feel to create their look.

If you’re thinking Pin-Up, this may just be the perfect room for you as well Note: Our Hair and Make-up team do an amazing victory roll! But Pin-Up does not have to be the reason to come in here. There are so many other reasons why this room would be perfect for you.

Posing in this room can be fun and simple since basically you can just stand there looking all sexy in your blue jeans and tank tops, leaning against the metal walls, with not much more to do. Or get adventurous and jump in the tires, climb up or lean over the motorcycle and end your session in here screaming into the fan while letting it blow your hair all over the place.

Unless you plan on having this room all day as your main boudoir session room, we recommend leaving it for last during your session add on because, as mentioned, it’s the real deal. You will get a little dirty while climbing up on things such as tires.

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