The Sexy


Okay, so You have been wanting to do a Boudoir session but all the images you see out there online or that your friends share, are of beauties wearing lingerie or absolutely nothing at all. This is just way out of your comfort zone and you do not find lingerie to be your thing. Strings up the wazoo, nipples dangling out of holes and all the stuff that leaves you feeling this isn’t for me so you push it off as though it’s something you will never do.. Right? completely understandable. . This isn’t the first time one of our beauties have had this feeling and it won’t be the last. IT’S totally normal to feel this way. So how do you do a Boudoir session if your not wearing lingerie or going nude?

Let’s start with, Boudoir is NOT about the clothes. You should never feel as though you must be semi-nude or completely nude in order to feel your sexy.  Your confidence and how you feel in your clothing is what brings out the sexy. Now that this is said, let’s start planning what it is YOU CAN wear to create your very own session being in your very own comfort zone.

There are so many outfit options besides lingerie, and most are probably sitting in your closet right now and you didn’t even know it. Think of items that you wear on a daily basis; how do they make you feel. Favorite T-shirt? Jeans? Get the idea?  Though they may be often overlooked there are tons of other things a lady can wear that can be incredibly attractive, fun, inviting and yes, still just as sexy as heck!

We will do a dress consultation, free of charge, to help with any wardrobe design. There are so many ideas that this list could go on forever.

But here are a few of our boudoir Studio’s favorites!

Little Black Dress

Sports Jersey


Booty shorts and T-shirt

Favorite Jeans

Oversized Sweater

Pin-Up Attire

His Work Uniform

His Dress Shirt/Tie


Bathing Suit

Jackets and Coats of all Kinds